A Peek Behind the Curtain

From 2005 to the present, I've been sharing a collaborative collection of reprinted vintage hot iron embroidery transfers through my PatternBee website.  I also maintain an Etsy Shop to manage some of the other things I do.  But I wanted to have a special place to showcase my dolls and this web shop was created just for that.  This blog is where I will be uploading content about my doll making process, sharing stories and photos from the workshop--and making store announcements.  I hope you will join me here for peeks behind the curtain.

So, let the show begin.  Today I'm introducing . . . the Aster's.  Here they are dancing on tippy-toes, linked arm in arm, sisters united, swaying along with the waltz of the flowers.  There are four (nearly identical) handmade dolls in this series, two green-eyed and two violet eyed; labeled, respectively, one through four. 

If you've been following my turkey feathers blog, you may know that I make big batches of potpourri every year.  I gather different varieties of roses and lavender from my garden and store it in large vintage hat boxes.  The recipe I use was published in my first craft-sewing book, Blanket Statement (as one of the pillow projects required stuffing with potpourri).  I'm mentioning it again now because my Flower Girl Dolls are thus equipped with their own pretty sachets.  It seemed fitting.  The dolls not only look like dancing flowers but smell lovely too!


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